Garden Hose Connect Kit (1 Hose)

Garden Hose Connect Kit (1 Hose)

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A garden hose, hosepipe, or simply hose is a flexible tube used to convey water. There are a number of common attachments available for the end of the hose, such as sprayers and sprinklers (which are used to concentrate water at one point or to spread it over a large area).

Please Read Before Making a Purchase:

Unloading Crates

Per Dundalk’s shipping terms, the customer is responsible for getting the crate off the delivery truck.
If the crate is 92” or shorter, it will fit on a liftgate, and the customer and the truck driver can lower the crate to the ground.
If the crate is longer than 92” a liftgate will not be available to assist in lowering the crate to the ground.
Therefore, the customer will need to do one of the following options:
1) Arrange for a crew of people to help unload the crate by hand
2) Arrange for a piece of equipment to be available to unload the crate
3) Use a trailer and pick up the crate at the delivery terminal
4) Rent a tilt tow truck and pick up the crate at the delivery terminal
If the customer cannot do any of the above and they want Dundalk to arrange for a tilt tow truck, we will provide this service for a cost. The cost will be $750 and we will add this charge to the dealer account. 

Change of Ship to Address

If the customer changes the ship to address prior to their order leaving the factory, we will change the address free of charge. However, if the customer changes the ship to address after their order leaves the factory there will be a $250 charge for this service and we will add this charge to the dealer account.

Storage Charges

After a sauna has shipped and arrived at the local delivery terminal, if the customer does not respond quickly to calls to arrange a delivery appointment, needs to determine how to unload the crate, needs to provide an alternate phone number or any other reason which creates a delay to the delivery of the sauna and the trucking company starts to charge storage fees, these storage fees will be added to the dealer account.

Order Cancelation Policy
1) For all Canadian Timber Collection products, the order can be cancelled for a fee of $100.00 within the 24 hours
2) Within 7 days of the ship date, the order cannot be canceled

Order Change Policy

1) Up to 14 days from order entry – you can edit/change the order without penalty
2) After 14 days, a $100.00 edit/change fee would apply
a. Examples: adding removing products, adding removing options, changing the ship to
address, changing the shipping method, etc.
3) Within 7 days of the ship date, the order cannot be edited or changed
4) After the product has shipped, if the Dealer/Customer wants to change the ship to address, a
$300.00 fee will apply
5) For all Canadian Timber Collection products, Dealers will have 24 hours to change the order for
the $100.00 change fee. After 24 hours, the order can not be changed.

Return Policy
1) Our stated return policy is: We do not accept returns
a. It is very expensive to return products back across the border
2) If a product must be returned to the factory, the following will apply:
a. 20% Restocking fee
b. Dealer/customer will be responsible for any and all shipping costs to the factory
c. Products must be returned in their original packaging and condition
d. Leisurecraft will inspect the product upon return and Leisurecraft will be the sole
decider of the condition of the product and the amount of the refund

Customer Refusal to Accept Delivery
1) If a customer refuses delivery and the Dealer asks Leisurecraft for assistance in selling the
product to another Dealer, the following will apply:
a. 15% Restocking charge
b. Dealer will be responsible for all shipping and rerouting costs to the new delivery

Dundalk LeisureCraft Responsibilities:

1) Building and packing your sauna in a crate
2) Arranging for shipping to your home

Trucking Company Responsibilities:
1) Making an appointment to deliver your sauna
2) Delivering your sauna to the end of your driveway or curbside
a. The trucking company is NOT responsible for unloading the sauna
b. The trucking company is NOT going to back their truck into your driveway
c. Most times the trucking company will deliver with an 18 wheel truck
i. Will this size truck fit on your road or neighborhood?

3) If the sauna crate is less than 92” (7 feet), the trucking company may have a lift gate on the back of the truck
which can be used to assist getting the sauna off the truck.
4) If the sauna crate is more than 92”, there will not be a lift gate to unload the sauna crate and the customer
needs to decide how they are going to get the crate off the truck.

Customer Responsibilities:
1) Returning phone calls to the trucking company in a timely manner, to arrange delivery
2) Determining how the sauna is going to be unloaded from the truck
a. Crates will vary from 6 feet long to 14 feet long
b. The crate’s weight will vary from 800 pounds to 1600 pounds, depending on the size of the sauna
3) Customer is responsible for unloading the sauna crate from the truck
a. Suggested methods for unloading the truck
i. Use a forklift or other mechanical piece of equipment
1. When using a fork lift to pick up the crates, they must be picked up from the end of
the crate and fork lift extensions are required.
ii. Renting a tilt tow truck to pick up the sauna from the local terminal and have it delivered to
your home
iii. Have a crew of helpers able to either take the sauna off the truck or unload the crate while
on the truck until the crate can be lifted off the truck

4) If the crate arrives damaged, you can accept the shipment, however, please take pictures of the damage, and
note the damage on the shipper’s Bill of Lading (BOL). Immediately, contact your dealer or Dundalk, so we can
contact the shipper.
a. Mark the Bill of Lading (BOL) with “(Crate arrived open/damaged- Possible Hidden Damage.”

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